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DataNucleus compatibility matrix

Because Cumulus4j is a plug-in to DataNucleus, both products must be compatible in order to cooperate. Not every version of Cumulus4j can be used with every version of DataNucleus. Therefore, we test Cumulus4j with a few versions of datanucleus-core and datanucleus-rdbms before every release.

If all our tests run successfully, we assume Cumulus4j and DataNucleus to be fully compatible and indicate it in the following table by this symbol: Fully compatible

If Cumulus4j works with DataNucleus, but not all tests succeed (i.e. at least one test fails) or if there is any other irregularity, we indicate this by a warning symbol: Partially compatible

If a certain version of Cumulus4j cannot be used at all with a certain version of DataNucleus, it is indicated by this symbol: Not compatible

Cumulus4j DataNucleus
Status Comment
1.2.0 3.2.4 3.2.3 Fully compatible See GAE+BigTable
1.1.1 3.1.3 = core Fully compatible See GAE+BigTable
1.1.0 3.1.3 = core Fully compatible See GAE+BigTable
1.0.2 3.1.0-m5 = core Fully compatible
1.0.2 3.0.7 ... 3.0.11 3.0.8 ... 3.0.10 Not compatible Bug NUCRDBMS-602
1.0.2 3.0.7 ... 3.0.11 3.0.7 Fully compatible
1.0.1 3.0.7 ... 3.0.11 3.0.7 ... 3.0.10 Fully compatible
* 3.0.4 ... 3.0.6 * Not compatible Bug NUCCORE-805
1.0.1 3.0.1 ... 3.0.3 = core Fully compatible
1.0.0 3.0.0-release = core Fully compatible
1.0.0 3.0.0-m6 = core Fully compatible
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